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Advanced translation project management platform for freelancers and teams of any size.
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Current version: 4.4.11 (08-July-2018) Serving you from 02-apr-2016


Fast data entry in state of the art translation project management tool


Fast data entry.
Needed data is always at hand.

BaccS helps to maintain data about clients and vendors. Add photos, logos, finance information, adjust individual preferences to speed workflow. Job creation takes just a few seconds thanks to such built-in features like analysis data import from CAT tools, smart job price calculation based on default prices, and possibility to quickly create jobs based on previous data. Built-in scheduler synced with Google Calendar, along with smart Workload Planner feature help to visualize and control workload.

Easy management of translation processes with BaccS - the best translation project management platform integrated with CAT tools


Effectively organize projects and jobs, control deadlines, payment terms, etc.

BaccS offers a lot of tools to view data. Use powerful and easy-to-use data sorting, filtering, grouping and searching features to display necessary information. Flexible conditional formatting functionality allows to highlight points of interest (e.g. jobs with upcoming deadlines, unpaid invoices, undelivered assignments, etc.). Dashboard – central place to control your business – provides all necessary information on a single screen, saving your time and energy.

BaccS - translation project management tool for freelancers and teams of translators helps to easily generate and send invoices to your customers


Fast and enjoyable invoice creation process.

Invoice creation has never been so easy. Quickly create invoices from selected jobs, automatically create invoices in batch mode, or use dashboard widget containing all uninvoiced jobs. Generate PDF files for all invoices and send them via e-mail right from BaccS. Invoice templates are fully customizable and localizable. This all turns invoicing into an easy and enjoyable task, which can be completed in a matter of few minutes.

Translation project management software helps to manage external freelance translators in an intelligent and intuitive way


Smart jobs assignment.

Enter information about vendors along with photos, prices, languages and other information. Assign jobs to vendors with the help of recommendation mechanism, which offers better candidate based on previous performance. Save translators’ ratings to get better recommendations in future. Send offers by e-mail, issue purchase orders, control deadlines, invoices and payments.

Reports provide insight into your translation project management processes


Real treasure chest for stats lovers.

Built-in reports, dashboards, analysis mechanism and charts provide flexible way of getting the data you need. Pivot tables allow to get answers on many questions and find interesting facts about your performance. In addition, you can manually create nice-looking dashboards (including charts, summary tables, maps, gauges, etc.) and custom reports, or download them from BaccS' website.

BaccS integrates with SDL Trados, MemoQ, MemSource, and other CAT tools to make translation management even easier

INTEGRATIONS, Memsource, Trados, MemoQ, Dropbox...

Connect BaccS to your account to view/write feedback on the Blue Board and write WIWO entries. Import analysis data from such CAT tools as SDL Trados, Kilgray MemoQ, Memsource, Deja Vu X3, Lionbridge TranslationWorkbench. And even connect BaccS directly to SDL Trados and Kilgray MemoQ database to import analysis and progress information without need to import any files!

Extensive integration with SDL Trados Studio and GroupShare allows to create projects, import analysis reports, assign vendors, change phases in a few clicks, as well as to easily track projects' progress.

Deep Memsource integration allows to link vendors/projects/jobs between two systems, manage TMs and TBs used in projects, assign jobs to vendors, create new customers/projects/jobs/TMs/TBs in Memsource right from within BaccS. You can even see job's progress directly in the job list in BaccS.

Dropbox integration allows to store your files in the cloud and link them with BaccS, allowing you, your users and translators to download files when they are needed.

Web-version and portal for vendors


Access your data from anywhere.

Web-version not only provides same famous infinite capabilities like customizable lists, reports, dashboards and invoice/quote/PO templates, but also allows to be used in conjunction with desktop version! Everything you do on desktop will immediately be reflected on web, and vice-versa. Even appearance rules settings are shared between desktop and web.

Portal for vendors allows to create accounts for your translators so they can log in to view their assignments, download and upload files, register invoices, view reports and edit personal data.

No any limits on a number of users or managers! Affordable prices makes BaccS an effective investment for teams of any size.

Customize everything to adjust invoicing and translation management platform to your individual needs


BaccS offers unreachable level of customization. Create own dashboards, charts, pivot tables. Customize all printing templates (invoices, quotes, purchase orders, credit notes). Freely move elements on data entry forms. Create custom or calculated fields and place them anywhere on data entry forms, use them in reports and printing templates. Customize tables by hiding unwanted columns and colorizing rows and fields using flexible rules. You will love all those infinite yet easy to use possibilities.

Your translation project management platform is protected by extensive security system


BaccS is a multi-user tool. To help to protect your data, it offers very flexible and the most comprehensive security system based on users and roles. Create users, assign roles, and control access rights on the level of the whole application, tables, data entry forms, and even individual fields! Directors, managers, users, clients, vendors - everyone may have own access rights.

Version for small teams allows to use your project management tool in a local network or via internet

Network support

Keep your database on a local computer, in a local network or in Internet (Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL). Teams may work simultaneously, exchange messages, files, and use shared settings, like forms customization settings and printing templates. Network setup does not require excessive time expenditure: in a simplest case, BaccS’ developer will prepare database server for you. This allows teams with limited knowledge of network technologies to start working almost immediately, with no any additional efforts.


More feedback can be found on the forums. I hope to see your comments or questions there too!

I have been looking for a system to track my translation projects and my invoices for a long time and I never found one that was clear, intelligent, and streamlined enough and would work without much messing about but I never found one.

Lorenzo (United Kingdom / Italy)

Read full review

I did have a quick look at some online alternatives as well. While they may look a bit more modern and appealing at first glance, I prefer Baccs' superior functionality and capability of displaying lots of useful information on the same screen without having to scroll all the time.

Johan (Italy / Sweden)

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Buscando y buscando, creo que al fin he dado con lo más parecido al Santo Grial de la gestión traductora: una aplicación para Windows llamada BaccS que parece responder a todos mis deseos, incluso a algunos que no sabía que tenía.

(I think I have finally found the closest thing to the Holy Grail of translation management: an application for Windows called BaccS that seems to respond to all my wishes, even to some I did not know I had.)

Maira Belmonte (Spain)

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Any suggestions for improvements or feature requests that I have made have all been implemented shortly afterwards and I think this is extremely helpful.

I think it's easier than trying to keep track of things in my spreadsheet.

Chris (France / Ireland)

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All invoices done. All client payments + pending jobs entered. Fully up to date 1st time in 15 years! Thank you, Eugene and BaccS!!!

- Krys, Wales -

BaccS and Eugene are simply the best, because: the program is stable, comprehensive, adaptable to all my needs and shows a clear dashboard turning its use into a cinch. But Eugene is even better, with his endless patience and always instant support, even when you send dummy questions. Thank you, Eugene!

- A. Hartje, Portugal -

BaccS is a great software! After trying out different tools, this one is definitely the best. It is very rich in useful features, but easy to master. The price is attractive as well. The developer is most attentive to requests and comments and always responds and acts quickly.

- Yiftah Hellerman (Germany / Israel) -


BaccS free version - SDL Trados Studio plugin (26/06/2018)

BaccS has now special (free) version which works right inside your Studio!

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SDL Trados Plugin released! (13/06/2018)

SDL Trados Studio integration became more straightforward and open!

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Version 4.2. SDL Trados Studio and GroupShare integration (14/05/2018)

Create projects from within BaccS, select TMs and TBs, track progress, assign vendors, change phases and statuses in Studio desktop and GroupShare with a few clicks!

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VERSION 4: web-app, portal for vendors, quotes, and more! (23/04/2018)

We switch from version 3 to version 4! Main reason - new web-version and portal for vendors, while new quotes module, audit trail system, predefined sets of task and file manager add additional value to this release.

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New Support Center (22/03/2018)

BaccS got brand new support center - unified place to get answer on any questions.

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Version 3.2. Deep Memsource integration. (12/03/2018)

Huge update, offering Memsource integration and currency difference transactions.

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