How BaccS price changed over time?

When BaccS launched on 19-oct-2016, the price was set on the level of 33 USD. Over time, the program evolved (bug fixes, different charts, flexible reports, themes, e-mail sender, localization, new report designer), and on the 1-Jan-2017 price was increased up to 75 USD. During next 6 months a lot of additional effort was put onto program development, which was reflected in the following features: custom reports, job/invoice forms customization, new dashboard widgets, contractors module, a lot of polishing/bug fixes, performance optimizations, new themes, new reports, Trados/MemoQ integration, new documents (income, expense, credit note, outgoing payments), purchase orders, etc. On the basis of this (and taking into account user's comments) it was decided to further increase the price and set it at 120 USD from the 1-Jul-2017. Hopefully, this is the last increase.

Those who purchased the program at the initial price just may be happy to get such a packed tool almost for free - thank you for believing in BaccS from the first days! As usual, the price includes free invoice template customization per user's requirements, and the validity term remains infinite.

How to get free access to the program for ProZ.com Plus package subscribers?

Very easy, in just a few seconds! Just please follow this help article.


We do not provide discounts. Price has already been set on the level that makes this software the most affordable on the market. Instead of regular, never-ending discounts, we prefer to constantly work and improve the software, and believe that this is the best way of development: provide additional value instead of attracting users by decreased price.

What are the system requirements

To run the app, you need a computer with OS Windows and .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed. This library comes installed automatically with most modern operating systems, but if you don't have it, it can be downloaded from Microsoft's website.

After the app is installed to the 'Program files' folder, please run it with administrator rights.

Any chance to get version for Mac?

Other platforms were not taken into account during development. And now it became too complicated to create version for Mac, because it will require to re-create the program from scratch. Since even giant CAT tool vendors do not provide their software for Mac, it is even more impossible for me. The only solution is virtual environment and online version of BaccS, which will be there some day. Sorry to say that, but for now there is no version for Mac.

Windows SmartScreen or antivirus software warnings about possible harm.

Don't believe these warnings. The application doesn't contain any viruses or harmful code. If your antivirus program detects malware in this software, please add it to the white list. Here is a link providing proof that this software doesn't contain any viruses: BaccS_win.exe on VirusTotal

Additionally, here is a detailed news post about this issue Norton (Symantec) Antivirus - False positives.

How to install the program?

To install the program, just download the installation file and run it. Follow the default installation process. The program installation is fully portable, which means that it can be moved or copied into any other media like a USB-drive or a cloud drive. When the installation process completes, you will see a program shortcut on the desktop and start menu. Additional details: article in the manual.

What are demo version limitations?

The demo version has full functionality; however, it allows you to create no more than 45 jobs and 10 invoices. Also, the program allows you to create demo data to see how the app works when it has a lot of data (for 3 previous years). You can download the demo version here (direct link, ~70 Mb).

What to do after first launch of the program?

After opening the program for the first time, I recommend that you select 'Settings' and click 'Create demo data'. The database will then be filled with dummy data, which will help you to evaluate the software. Later this data may be easily erased after you have finished testing the program.

Upon first launch, you will see First run assistant window, which can be accessed later from the Tools menu. Carefully read its contents, watch recommended videos and read recommended help articles. In other words, please spend few minutes to get familiarized with the manual.

How to purchase the program?

To unlock the full version, please purchase the app. We hope the price will be affordable for everyone. To make a purchase, click the corresponding button on the main page or on this page. You will be redirected to the payment processor web-site, and then returned back here. If your payment is successfully processed, you will receive an e-mail with your license code.

Which payment methods may I use to purchase the program?

Our payment processor accepts credit/debit cards and Paypal.

How updates are provided?

After purchase, you will able to receive free updates for 3 years. During this time there is no need to pay any upgrade fees upon the release of a new version.

How to update the program?

The program has built-in updater. When new update is released, you will see corresponding icon in the status bar. Just click it and follow instructions.

Where to send information about requests, suggestions and bugs?

As any software, BaccS may contain some undiscovered bugs (which is rare now). We ask our users to report any issues you might experience. Write to support@ibaccs.com or YauhenKuchynski@gmail.com and describe the bug or a feature you like to see in the software. In the case of a bug it will be solved very quickly. In the case of a feature request we'll analyse it and then implement (in this or a future version, depending on the complexity of the request). Usually we're able to surprise our users, offering suggested changes quicker than expected.

Where to find the manual?

The manual is constantly being updated. The current version can be viewed here or from within the app.