News post - New Support Center

22/03/2018 , category: General news

Due to increased number of questions and requests we've found that existing support system is not effective. It appeared to be difficult for users to find necessary information in existing User Manual (mostly because of poor search engine). Forums engine was also outdated: easy accessible for spammers, difficult to search previous questions, and it simply looked 'old'. Due to this, most if users preferred to write e-mail messages. And even if their questions contained information which may be valuable for other users, this information were simply lost in mailbox archives.

We've decided to re-organize it. Among many knowledge base system I've opted for Zoho Desk. Incredible software, which will create a lot of benefits to BaccS users. It allows to solve all mentioned problems:
- Knowledge base. I've already moved BaccS User Guide to a new knowledge base, which is available here. Thanks to powerful search engine and tagging system it is now much easier to find necessary article. Interesting option for user is possibility to vote on articles, while article creator can post comments on article (i.e., informing about recent changes).
- Community forums. As previous forums, it allows to ask public questions and get answers. But also provides additional benefits: 1. The system looks for corresponding knowledge base articles and offers a user to read them before creating posting a question. 2. Much better search engine. 3. Modern design with useful tools to write messages and attach files. 4. Reliable notification system.
- Private tickets. Instead of writing e-mails, private support requests can be sent using this ticketing system. A difference here is that ticket remains open until the problem is solved. This allows to keep track on opened questions and then, if needed, convert them to knowledge base articles. In addition, a ticket can't be lost - the system displays it while status is 'Open'.

Soon I will move the most interesting threads from old forums to a new platform.

Welcome everyone to register in a new Support Center here:

Waiting for your questions and submitted tickets!