News post - Summary of recent additions

03/10/2018 , category: General news

Hello! In this short post, I'd like to summarize all new features which were implemented in BaccS since last post about Project Management Center, as there were indeed important and useful additions.

The most noticeable new feature is a Portal for Customers. As a portal for vendors, this part of the system allows customers to perform a number of actions and partially automate some tasks, which do not require direct communication. In short, it allows customers to view and edit personal information, create quotes, projects and invoices, upload and download files, exchange messages with a manager, view payments and credit notes, generate reports. Detailed information about portal can be found in this documentation article. Also, check this video on YouTube. By the way, there were few more videos added on the channel.

Not less important addition is integration with SDL products - Trados Studio and GroupShare. This integration allows to faster create projects in BaccS/Studio/GroupShare, quickly import analysis data into the system, assign vendors in GroupShare, track progress, etc. List of articles about integration can be found on this page. To communicate between BaccS and desktop Studio it is required to install plug-in for Studio, which can be found on the SDL App store page. Welcome to download and leave feedback.

Also, BaccS becomes more automated, and now allows to send assignments with files to vendors automatically when previous step of translation project is delivered. You can specify message templates, and make this process partially-automated, so the system won't automatically send anything until your manual confirmation. Details in this documentation article.

Next addition - full integration with cloud drives: Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. You can attach files to projects, jobs, assignments, quotes, etc. without actually storing them in the database (only links are stored), and other users of the software (or you) will be able to download them.

Also, a whole batch of new built-in reports has been added, added tons of buttons here and there to help speed-up small tasks (like, batch PO generation without preview, quick creation of credit notes from invoices, faster creation of mail messages, etc.).

It is now possible to allow vendors to self-register from the Vendor portal.

New notifications module allows to quickly create notifications with short reminder text, link it with any document, and then move you to that object from the notification window.

Favorites function allows to add any object to favorites list and quickly access it when needed.

As always, all these functions are available both in desktop and web versions (except integration with SDL Trados Studio, which is available only in desktop version).

Be sure, more things to come in future! Desktop app will get refreshed and more modern UI, web version will be moved into a new platform, which will bring huge performance and usability improvements (no more waiting while moving between pages!), flexible import/export mechanism could be implemented to allow to move individual objects between databases, QuickReports will get usability improvements, and will continue to work on automation and Project Management Center, which should finally provide possibility to select correct vendors for upcoming projects. Of course, it's not a full list of plans :)

Thanks for reading, and warm hello to every BaccS user - thank you for support, which is sometimes indeed incredible!