News post - BaccS free version - SDL Trados Studio plugin

26/06/2018 , category: General news

As a part of my commitment to create something valuable for colleagues, would like to announce release of simplified version of BaccS, which is free to use. Initially, this version will be distributed only in a form of plug-in for SDL Trados Studio.

This plug-in is a very simplified version of BaccS, with no reports, dashboards, endless customizations options, invoice template designer, mail sender, etc. The main focus is simplicity and minimum actions performed by users. You just need to set-up initial options, create customers and default prices, and then go to Project list and click 'Create an invoice' or 'Create a quote'. In ideal case, you will just need to click Save, and then Print to get generated invoice/quote ready to be saved or sent by e-mail.

By default, this plug-in comes with 2 invoice templates and 1 quote template. All templates support final editing (you can make few edits right in the print preview window).

Except creation of quotes and invoices based on Studio projects, you can create them in a fee form, by just manually filling invoice/quote items. In this case the system will help to pick-up correct prices to speed-up this process.

Default plug-in window (list if invoices) looks like this:

On the left you can view your invoices, while right panel displays Studio projects. It is possible to select multiple projects and quickly create an invoice based on analysis reports from that projects. In addition, project list highlights projects with and without invoices or quotes.

Hope you'll like this new initiative. And, as always, will be happy to hear any comments/suggestions. Pulg-in can be downloaded here.