News post - Happy holidays!

29/12/2017 , category: General news

Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Would like to say "Thank you" for your generous support during 2017! It was great to meet and talk to you all, discuss new features and improve the software. We do this together. Let the new year be as light as feather! Wish you to find new ways and soar new heights!

During preparation to 2018, I've created not only a plan, but already implemented few new features, which will be released very soon. Minor ones are mail sender improvements (new variables), WIWO integration face-lift and new video tutorial (about invoice templates!). The major one: new progress column in the job list. It displays current job progress by linking with Trados project (yeah!) or calculates estimate progress based on the workload planner feature. Looks very useful, since it allows to better visualize current state of work. From here, next plan for January is implementation of the dashboard widget which will nicely visualize workload for upcoming 2-5 days.

If to speak about plans for the whole year, let's keep them in a bag for now. Promise to regularly deliver something interesting :)

That's all. Enjoy the holidays!