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2.1.5 (31-aug-2017)

  • Jobs - workload planner is erased when job status is changed to Sent, Paid, Invoiced, Rejected.
  • Job list - possibility to change status via the context menu for all currently selected rows.
  • Job list - when changing job status to Sent, the status of the corresponding Translation assignments is also changed to Delivered, with Delivery date set to current time.
  • Job edit form - improved customer selection drop-down list (now possible to search in additional columns like Short name).
  • Improved crash report sending window (fixed an issue when this window appeared few times to send the same crash report).

2.1.4 (28-aug-2017)

  • Job list - Context menu - Create translation assignment command.
  • Job list - added new column - 'Edit time in minutes' (hidden by default).
  • Job list - added new column - 'Has instructions' (hidden by default) - a checkbox which signals if the job has instructions or not.
  • Dashboard - Job list - added new column - 'Edit time in minutes' (hidden by default).
  • Workload planner - Fixed job allocation procedure.

2.1.2 (25-aug-2017)

  • integration – in addition to automatic mode, added manual connection mode – for those who experienced problems while connecting to account.
  • Dashboard – earnings chart – added possibility to convert amounts to any currency.
  • Job – Import data from CAT tools – added support to import Trados analysis prepared for multiple languages.
  • Job – Import data from CAT tools – added possibility to convert analysis volume into lines.
  • Translation assignments list – added possibility to change assignment status from the context menu.
  • Translation assignments – editing form – the system offers to recalculate prices when changing contractor.
  • Translation project – separate editing from instead of inline editing right in the table. In future purpose and functionality of projects will be significantly expanded.
  • Translation project – now it is possible to specify multiple languages for the project. Later it will be possible to create jobs for the project in batch.
  • Contractors list – fixed a bug when it was impossible to select ‘Organisation’ in the ‘Contractor type’ field.
  • Scheduler – when deleting an entry, this entry will also be removed from Google Calendar, if sync is turned on.
  • Workload planner – optimized auto allocation procedure.
  • Workload planner – when allocating the job evenly, the program will ask if it is needed to include weekend days.
  • Fixed a number of bugs, including those which caused program crash.

2.1.1 (17-aug-2017)

  • New feature: network mode. Allows small teams to use shared database for simultaneous access. See details in the manual and on the Pricing page of the web-site.
  • Network mode - chat feature to exchange messages between team members.
  • New demo version limitations. It was decided to abandon previous experiment with time period limit of 30 days. Previous limitations schema will be used, but instead of 30 invoices and 5 jobs demo version will allow to create up to 45 jobs and 10 invoices.
  • Dashboard - list of latest customers expanded from 10 to 15.
  • Import invoices from account - fixed small bugs.

2.0.21 (14-aug-2017)

  • General – fixed an issue when program title could overlap ribbon tab caption.
  • Dashboard – job list - save groups expanded/collapsed state between sessions.
  • Dashboard – job list – added columns showing job assignment status (hidden by default, use Column chooser to display them).
  • Client – added new field (Supplier code).
  • Job list – possibility to include selected jobs in one quote (see updated Quote template).
  • Job list – added colorful filter boxes.
  • Job editing form – polishing in the details table.
  • Invoices – added new quick filter box (invoices for the current year).
  • Batch invoicing – possibility to set end date of the jobs being included in the created invoices.

2.0.19 (09-aug-2017)

  • Fixed a bug during importing of invoices from
  • Message templates – fixed crash when trying to edit a template.
  • Job – Edit form – Improvements in the job details table.
  • Invoice list – Added possibility to delete linked payments together with invoice being deleted.
  • Invoice list – Open invoices amount was calculated incorrectly.

2.0.17 (05-aug-2017)

  • Changed demo limitations. Instead of 30 jobs and 5 invoices now it is possible to create infinite number of jobs and invoices during 30 days. This means that the period between first and last created job can’t exceed 30 days. The same applies to the invoices.
  • Fixed a crash when program was run from Program files folder without administrative rights. Now corresponding warning is displayed and program normally closes.
  • In previous version I’ve broken TO3000 import functionality. Now this is fixed.
  • About 3 small bug fixes.

2.0.16 (02-aug-2017)

  • New feature – keyboard shortcuts customization (corresponding tab in the Settings).
  • Settings – Recreate transactions – significant performance improvement.
  • Job list – context menu – added button to open client editing form.
  • Client edit form – added invoices tab.
  • Client edit form – jobs tab – added totals for the selected jobs at the bottom.
  • Client edit form – jobs tab – table settings are now saved when the form is closed.
  • Workload planner – new button to try remove selected job from the selected day.
  • Workload planner – new button to try re-allocate selected job to the specified period.
  • Workload planner – added checkbox to hide labels on the chart.

2.0.15 (28-jul-2017)

  • Settings – new setting in the Productivity tab, which allows to specify minimum day volume for the Workload planner during job allocation. This parameters allows to prevent splitting small jobs (for example, which a less than 500 words).
  • Units – possibility to provide different adjustment factors for different work types. This improvement allows to more precisely calculate weighted volumes. For example, Words unit may have different adjustment factors for Translation (1.00) and Proofreading (0.33) tasks. If a factor is not specified for some work type, than default one will be used.
  • clients/invoices import – procedure improved to register incoming payments.
  • Workload planner – possibility to add exception days (for example, when day capacity for particular day is less/more than default).
  • Workload planner – presentation improvements (Y axis scroll, automatic upper view limit).
  • Invoices and Payments list – added totals for the selected rows (like in the jobs list).
  • Clients list – possibility to collapse categories.
  • Improvements in the price pick-up algorithm during job creation.

2.0.13 (25-jul-2017)

  • New feature – import invoicing data from your account.
  • New feature – Workload planner. To use it must be turned on in the program settings. This feature allows to see jobs allocation among days and to know, how much you have to do each day and how much capacity stays reserved. When needed, job allocation may be adjusted manually, or automatically using different rules (earliest/latest delivery with/without weekends inclusion, or evenly). See Tools – Workload planner (main view), or ‘Workload planner’ tab in the job editing window (simplified representation).
  • Settings – new ‘Productivity/scheduler’ tab, which contains new settings for the workload planner and moved scheduler settings (from the Job settings tab).
  • Settings – possibility to turn off scheduler.
  • Settings – added Fax field.
  • Job list – huge loading time improvement!
  • Job list – possibility to change job status via context menu (as on the Dashboard).
  • Job list – when multiple rows selected, total amount in the bottom is displayed in base currency and in each currency of the selected jobs.
  • Job – when creating a new job, deadline time is set to the end of your working day.
  • Client editing form – added Phone and Tax fields.
  • Fuzzy type set editing form – possibility to print discount table.
  • When program crash happens, BaccS displays a window to provide additional comments about the problem, with possibility to confirm or reject crash report sending.

2.0.12 (19-jul-2017)

  • ProZ integration – setting availability for multiple days now works much faster (thanks to ProZ team)!
  • ProZ integration – buttons in the status bar (to post WIWO, set availability and post feedback to the Blue Board) are now visible only when a user is connected to account.
  • Job – possibility to import analysis reports right from Trados Studio packages (sdlppx).
  • Job list – fixed a problem with disappeared totals row.
  • Settings – added a new parameter to turn off automatic bug reports sending to BaccS server.
  • Ribbon – Ctrl-F1 shortcut now minimizes the ribbon :)

2.0.11 (17-jul-2017)

  • We stated with Italian localization. Thank you, Francesco!
  • Job – new status – ‘Partially finished’.
  • Fuzzy types list – possibility to specify sort order for each fuzzy type (to sort the list in the order of fuzzy magnitude, and needed when importing analysis reports). Please go to this list and adjust sort order for the existing fuzzy types.
  • Client editing form – added a button to refresh stat numbers (after editing jobs, invoices, etc).
  • Contractors list – added ‘Languages’ column.
  • Contractor editing form – if first or last name are not filled, corresponding error symbol is displayed.

2.0.10 (14-jul-2017)

  • Translation assignments list – added a button to create an outgoing payment on the base of the selected assignments.
  • Ledger – fixed a bug with scrolling.
  • TO3000 import – small improvements (sometimes program crashed during reading of the database file).
  • Another batch of bug fixes discovered during last day.

2.0.9 (13-jul-2017)

  • Updated Russian and Spanish localizations.
  • Job edit form – client is displayed without category, but in selection list categories are still displayed.
  • Added a few button tooltips with description of the corresponding function.
  • Settings – displaying confirmation window when clicking ‘Recreate transactions’ button.
  • Ledger report – added new ‘Operation type’ column, so it is now possible to filter the ledger by operation type (job, invoice, assignment, etc.) to get only necessary totals.
  • Another batch of fixed bugs gathered during yesterday (about 2-3 crashes).

2.0.7 (11-jul-2017)

  • New feature – set availability in profile right from within BaccS.
  • Translation jobs list – performance increase (must load faster).
  • Translation jobs – Batch change – possibility to set empty project (to erase projects for the selected jobs).
  • Invoice list – new columns: Client VAT and Client category (hidden by default, please use Column chooser to show it).
  • A number of small and rare bug fixes (about 5-6).

2.0.6 (06-jul-2017)

  • Fixed connectivity problems with Now everything works smooth. After update, please go to Settings – settings, and click Connect button.
  • Client editing form – Blue Board feedback list – easier to read long comments. Plus, color highlight of positive feedback and negative feedback.

2.0.4 (05-jul-2017)

  • Fixes in connection procedures.
  • Fixed an issue appeared when Invoice comments field contained much rows, and this field could expand too much and occupy all screen space.
  • Invoice list – if to click Print button with multiple invoices selected, than the program will open dialog to select a folder where all selected invoices will be exported as PDF files.
  • Client list – new columns: Number of jobs, Number of invoices, Latest job and Latest invoice (some of them hidden by default, please use Column chooser).
  • Client editing form – new tab which contains all translation jobs for this client.
  • Fixed program crash when trying to delete Expense type if the list is already empty and there is nothing to delete.
  • A number of fixes in the UI.

2.0.2 (03-jul-2017)

  • WIWO history – added ‘User name’ column to see who posted an entry.
  • Fixed a bug when after connecting to the program may stay in memory even after closing it.
  • Mail sender – fixed program crash when trying to send an e-mail without specifying own e-mail address in the program settings.

2.0.0 (03-jul-2017)

  • Program now available for free for Plus package subscribers.
  • Settings – new tab for connections with account.
  • Program status bar – added buttons to use WIWO and Blueboard services.
  • Client edit form – new tab to link a client with Blueboard record.
  • Client edit form – new ‘Default payment method’ field, which will be automatically selected when creating invoices for this client.
  • Invoice editing and printing form – amounts have two decimal places instead of thee.
  • Invoice – create payment – bug fixes.
  • Batch invoicing – fixed automatic pick-up of payment methods.
  • Payment list – new columns – ‘Invoice tax amount’ and ‘Invoice amount without tax’, which show corresponding amounts from linked invoices.
  • Scheduler – fixed missing day numbers in month view.
  • TO3000 import fixes - client VAT, client info, client comments, possibility to select per-client or global numbering.

1.1.30 (28-jun-2017)

  • Currency rates download window - added third source - Yahoo Finance.
  • Jobs - fixed incorrectly calculated weighted volume.
  • All reference data lists - added 'Refresh' button.
  • Payment - added two new fields: Currency rate and Amount (base currency), to allow to view all payments in one base currency.
  • Invoice - fixed crash when detecting due date (appeared rarely, if due date rule is set for the next month and day is greater than 30 or 31).

1.1.29 (23-jun-2017)

  • Dashboard – newly created job wasn’t displayed in the list of latest jobs. This bug appeared only in latest version.
  • Dashboard – ready to invoice list – total amount was resetting to zero if to click ‘Refresh’ button.
  • Job list – slightly faster loading (hopefully).
  • Job editing form – when selecting work type, it is possible to see default rate, which is specified for the currently selected customer.
  • When trying to open job folder from dashboard or job list, and if folder has not been specified, a corresponding notification is shown.
  • Import analysis reports from CAT tools – fixed bug when quantity was set to zero when trying to import report as a weighted count.
  • Translation assignment – fixed a bug with amount conversion to a base currency.

1.1.28 (21-jun-2017)

  • Dashboard – save state of search panel between sessions (remains open if was open before closing dashboard).
  • Translation assignment – fixed error when it was impossible to delete an assignment if base job was not selected.
  • Translation assignment – Purchase order form – fixed printed currency.
  • Invoice – printing forms 1, 2 and 4 – if invoice contains a tax with zero rate (0%), than tax information is printed anyway.
  • Invoice – fixed spontaneous crash when (occurred rarely) when the program reported about cross thread operation.

1.1.27 (19-jun-2017)

  • In previous update I forgot to sign EXE files with my digital certificate. Because of this, some antivirus software may block the program. With this urgent update this issue is fixed and digital signature is returned. Sorry for this!
  • Payment - possibility to re-detect and download currency rates.

1.1.26 (16-jun-2017)

  • Invoice editing form – possibility to create new payment methods right from the form. Simply type the name of the new method, hit enter, provide details, and new payment method will be created and selected.
  • Invoice editing form – program crashed if there was nothing selected in the Payment methods field.
  • Mail sender window – program crashed if attached file was opened in another program.

1.1.25 (14-jun-2017)

  • Customer – possibility to set minimum charge. Later, of job amount will be less than this amount, the program will notify about that.
  • Customer – more flexible settings to determine default invoice due dates. Previously it was possible to add certain number of days to the date of invoice. Now it is possible to set due date on any day of the next month or next second month.
  • Customer – slightly redesigned editing form.
  • Payment – improved functionality when payment currency differs from invoice currency.

1.1.24 (06-jun-2017)

  • Much improved French translation (translated about 2000 words).
  • Job editing form – possibility to download currency rates right from edit form.
  • Job editing form – new label which displays date of the currently applied currency rate.
  • Currency rate download window – added new source – "European Central Bank".
  • Invoice editing form – changed approach to select accepted payment methods. Instead of previously used large table now we have tiny but handy token box. See screenshot below. If you use customization feature, than this field will be invisible by default.
  • Contractors – added VAT field.
  • Import from Excel – fixed critical bug, when program may crash if template is filled incorrectly.

1.1.23 (30-may-2017)

During June there will be only maintenance updates. I’m working on a new outstanding (but complex) feature, which will become available around the end of June.

  • Default invoice templates (1 and 2) – tax 1, tax 2, discount, total and notes are printed only when necessary
  • Settings – new parameter – Tax number (in addition to VAT number)
  • Job list – expandable table below main list to display job details (list of all work types in the selected job)
  • Invoice list – new column "Due (base currency)". This column is hidden by default. To display it, please use Column chooser
  • Edit forms – sometimes a message about externally edited entry was shown
  • Batch invoicing – previously invoice numbers assigned only in sequential order. This is fixed – numbering is done according your settings
  • Fixed 4 crash bugs (thank you for sending crash reports!)

1.1.22 (25-may-2017)

  • Settings – Job folder settings moved from ‘Application settings’ tab to ‘Job settings’ tab
  • Dashboard – refresh button on all widgets
  • Dashboard – added totals for unpaid invoices and ready to invoice tables
  • Job – CAT data import tool - fixed crash when importing memoQ project
  • Job – when deleted, corresponding entries are removed from internal scheduler and Google Calendar (if synced)
  • Job – fixed crash, when program tried to detect job folder in the case when folder settings are incorrect
  • Invoice – when deleted, corresponding entries are removed from internal scheduler and Google Calendar (if synced)
  • Batch invoicing – fixed crash when program tried to create PDF file which is already created and currently opened in another program
  • Customer – fixed bug with selection of parent client
  • New report on the Downloads page – Volumes by customers – allows to view stats by parent and child customers
  • Changed almost all additional reports on the Downloads page to unify their style

1.1.21 (22-may-2017)

Urgent update
  • Fixed bug when program crashed on attempt to open Translation assignments list
  • Now, on any critical error, the program will offer to automatically send report to the developer, and message box now looks more user-friendly
  • Mail sender - if mail can't be sent, the program displays detailed information about the reason of failed sending

1.1.20 (18-may-2017)

  • Three new themes - Office 2016 (SE). Except they are stylish, these themes allow to reduce loading time of many forms.
  • Yesterday's update introduced one annoying bug, when it became impossible to change fuzzy type in job editing form.

1.1.18 (17-may-2017)

  • Finally – BaccS is now digitally signed! This new certificate means, that the program will be more trusted by all those Windows SmartScreens and antivirus software.
  • Italian localization. At the moment very few strings are localized, so the program is almost in English. For those who wish to help, please use BaccS Localization button in the Tools menu.
  • Again – fully new updater. Current updater worked not too good in many cases, and many of you experienced problems with program update. From now, we have absolutely new updater, which will work like a clock – problems are in the past.
  • Localization tool – possibility to export and import data back (to translate in CAT tool or Excel).
  • New reference data - Fuzzy type sets. Now it is possible to have multiple sets of fuzzy types with different fuzzy weights. You can provide default set in the settings and per each customer. During job creation system will apply default fuzzy type set, which can be changed manually.
  • Job editing form - when changing a client, the program offers to re-apply default prices for all rows in the details table.
  • Job editing form – new button to recalculate prices above details table.
  • Job editing form – new column in the details table showing fuzzy discount (not editable, just for info).
  • Invoice list – added context menu with the same commands as in the top menu.
  • All editing forms – sometimes, when click ‘Save’, and then ‘Save and close’, you might get a message about externally edited entry.

1.1.17 (15-may-2017)

  • New exceptional feature - CAT data importer! This is a single place from where you can import data to the job from various sources: analysis files (MemoQ, Trados, Deja Vu X3), MemoQ project list and Trados Studio project list. In most cases (except import from MemoQ database) it is possible to select what to import - average quantity or fully fuzzy breakdown.
  • Now it is possible to help with BaccS localization into supported languages. If you would like to help, please to go Tools - Localization, and use provided tools to localize and submit strings which are currently not translated.
  • Few fixes with translations.
  • Fixed an issue when your job number depends on the customer, but it wasn't refreshed when changing a customer in the job.
  • Job editing form - job folder now doesn't change automatically. Please use separate button to detect job folder.
  • Invoice - fixed an issue when invoice term sometimes wasn't calculated according customer settings.

1.1.16 (08-may-2017)

  • New dashboard widget - latest actions. It contains all latest actions you perform in the program. Depending on the action type, rows has different contents and colors. Double click on the row to open corresponding document or reference data entry.
  • New setting - create Google calendar entry for created invoices. Allows to add an entry to the scheduler with end date set to the invoice term.
  • Changes in batch invoicing - only Sent jobs are included in the operation. Previously Finished jobs were included too.
  • Invoice list - added ne command - 'Fix due amounts'. Allows to add due amounts to the corresponding invoice payments in the form of bank charges. Particularly, will be useful after importing TO3000 data to process 'phantom' invoices.
  • Removed 'Fuzzy type' from the default prices. It only confuses and almost not needed, because fuzzy types contain fuzzy weights, which allow to recalculate base price according this weight. In the next version I'll add fuzzy type sets, to be able to have different sets of fuzzy types with different weights.
  • Client - new field - 'Parent client'. Later it will be possible to view stats not only by clients, but also by main clients, which has 'departments' or 'child clients'.
  • Contractor - added 'Contractor type' field. Allows to select from 'Staff', 'Freelancer', 'Organization'.
  • Few changes in terminology (like Customer - Client, Catalogs - Reference data, Documents - Workspace).

1.1.15 (03-may-2017)

  • New document - credit note. Allows to register deduction in customer balance and print corresponding Credit note form.
  • Updated Spanish localization.
  • Job - fixed corrupted sort order when copying jobs.
  • Invoice - new default printing form. Highlights: interesting design, currency sign before amounts, tax amounts are displayed only if tax is applied, discount amount is displayed only if any discount/markup is applied, notes are displayed only if they are provided.
  • Invoice - fixed bug in Copy function.
  • Invoice - possibility to provide customer contact (and include in the printing form, when needed).
  • A lot of different improvements under the hood.
  • Started to prepare the program for network usage.

1.1.14 (26-apr-2017)

  • Invoice list - few general clickable indicators above the table. They show number and amounts of all, opened and overdue invoices. When clicked, the list is filtered accordingly.
  • All lists - polished print/export function.
  • Job editing form - possibility to edit currency rate right in the form.
  • Job editing form - possibility to create translation project on the fly.
  • Invoice editing form - possibility to edit currency rate right in the form.
  • Invoice editing form - a feature to apply currency rate from invoice to all included jobs. This will allow to level amounts in base currency of the invoice and jobs, included in it.

1.1.13 (24-apr-2017)

  • Fully new installer and updater. No more archives, which needed to be downloaded and extracted. Updates now will be installed in a fully automatic mode.
  • Translation assignment - job selector now contains full table with necessary columns, filtering and sorting capabilities to facilitate job selection process.

1.1.12 (18-apr-2017)

  • New feature - Batch invoicing - allows to create invoices along with PDF files for all finished and uninvoiced jobs. Small description article is here.
  • New feature - job editing form and invoice editing forms customization! Click corresponding button on the ribbon and move elements on the form to position them as you like! Unnecessary fields can be hidden out.
  • Import jobs from MemoQ - now works a lot faster, plus added processing of the language direction.
  • Job copy - values in the Sort column were reset to zero.
  • Job - Work field is now not mandatory field.
  • Job list - when list is closed or refreshed, the program will save the state of expanded/collapsed groups and restore it.
  • Job list - batch change function - added more fields: delivery date, deadline and job name.

1.1.11 (13-apr-2017)

  • Translation projects - a number of fixes (calculated wordcount, refresh command)
  • Translation assignment - automatically fill currency when creating on the base of job
  • Translation assignment - when assignment is deleted, the program automatically and correctly recalculates corresponding fields in the job list (assigned amount, margin, contractors)
  • Charts - added new chart with possibility to select which index to display (available indices: amount, assigned amount, margin, words per hour, average rate)
  • Performance report - more precise calculation of the 'Words per hour' index
  • Few fixes under the hood

1.1.10 (10-apr-2017)

  • Assistant to help to get started with the program. It is shown by default on the first run or can be opened from the "Tools" menu.
  • Job list - new columns: assigned amount, margin, contractors.
  • Job list - new default summaries when the list is grouped (row count, assigned amount, margin amount)
  • Performance report - all indices are placed into separate folders, so now it is easier to setup the report. Plus there is a number of new indices.
  • Performance report - possibility to save frequently used setups.
  • Translation assignment - crash bug appeared when creating an assignment

1.1.9 (08-apr-2017)

  • Jobs - added new fields: Edit time and Words per hour. The first one is calculated automatically on the base of previous performance. But can be edited manually. These fields are hidden in the job list by default.
  • Job details table - new fields: "Discount/Markup (%)", "Corrected price" and "Notes". All these fields will improve our quotes. Notes field may contain multiline text.
  • Fixes in the Quote template, which now includes newly added fields.
  • Settings - Default invoice file name - now contains a button to test format string.
  • Settings - possibility to erase default tax.
  • Custom reports - program crashed if generated report contains any mistakes. This is fixed and instead of crashing corresponding message is displayed.
  • General - you can now click on the 'Update available' label in the bottom right corner to open update window.
  • Few other minor bugs (one crash, memoq project import).

1.1.8 (03-apr-2017)

  • Significant load speed increase of some forms (jobs, settings, invoices)
  • Localized strings - possibility to enter multiline values
  • Localized strings - possibility to pre-fill the table with needed data from database
  • Translation assignment - first simple version of the pickup mechanism which show translators with corresponding language pairs, their average rating, number of completed jobs and translated volume
  • Translation assignment - possibility to send availability requests to the selected potential translators
  • Redesigned e-mail sending window
  • Ledger - new columns - customer and customer category

1.1.7 (27-mar-2017)

  • New catalog - localizable strings. Allows to set-up values being localized during printing of invoices, quotes, purchase orders, etc.
  • New setting - Email-setting - Enable SSL.
  • Languages catalog - added Iso2 and Iso3 columns. Please fill them.
  • Invoices - localization support. To localize invoice, create necessary localization strings, open invoice template in the designer, switch to properties and add Iso2 code at the end of the Name property. For example: invoice_vat_es. This means that this invoice must be localized into Spanish language. Detailed article is here.
  • Translation assignment - possibility to change currency.
  • Translation job - new column - assigned volume. This column is hidden by default.
  • Customers - possibility to define default invoice template. If default template is selected, it won't be needed to select each time which template to use. Just click Print button.
  • Contractors - new "Default work fields" table where you can define vendor's specializations.

1.1.6 (23-mar-2017)

  • Fully redesigned Excel import. Now there is a separate form to import data from Excel. Select desired data type, fill-in or load Excel file, make necessary changes right in the aplication, check for errors and then import. Later the same mechanism will be used to export data, so it will be possible to exchange individual entries (customers, jobs, invoices, etc.) between your calleagues. See the screenshot below.
  • Finally - full Spanish localization! Thanks to Gonzalo Astorga and Maira Belmonte!
  • Fully new help page available at
  • New feature - jobs creaton from memoQ project! As soon as this is very new feature, please excuse if there will be any bugs. I'll fix them as gather your feedback. Tested it for a day and it seems like it's working. Detailed description here (online help)
  • Dashboard - new widget showing next job and invoice numbers - general and per-customer.
  • Dashboard - fixed saving bug in the notepad.
  • Invoice - printing - fixed bug with default file name
  • Contractors - fixed a bug which didn't allow to delete contractors.
  • Small menu redesign - now there are more default tabs.
  • Ribbon menu - customizations should not be lost anymore.
  • E-mail compose window - fixed button to add attachment.
  • E-mail compose window - added a field for hidden copy.
  • E-mail compose window - added possibility to send a message to multiple recipients (separate addresses with comma).
  • TO3000 - moved to separate window (from Settings), plus few improvements.

1.1.4 (12-mar-2017)

  • New setting - reset job numbering each year
  • Create invoice from job list - better processing of partially invoiced jobs
  • Create payment from invoice list - column 'Amount (invoice currency)' wasn't populated
  • Few fixes in default conditional formatting of the job list on the Dashboard
  • Job - if to edit invoiced job, and if amount of edited job increases, than status is automatically changed to 'Partially-invoiced'
  • Few fixes in localizations (Spanish is yet to be fully complete, sorry)

1.1.3 (10-mar-2017)

  • German translation
  • Spanish translation - still few untranslated strings. We'll add them next time.
  • New approach in numbering system. Your action required!!!
    Previously, there were few settings to control invoice/job numbering (prefix, postfix), and it wasn't possible to select separators. Now all these settings are joined in one parameter: invoice number format. It has only three parameters: document number, date and customer code. Also, previously document format was calculated on the fly. Now it is saved in the database, so job/invoice editing forms has two numbers: numerical and formatted, and you are able to edit both. For example, it is possible to format 2 as 0002 or 002 or 0002_2017. To do this, it is necessary to set new Invoice number format and Job number format according your preferences.
    Please, go to Settings after update, select Application settings tab and correct mentioned parameters.
  • New setting - Reset invoice numbering each month (in addition to previously added 'reset invoice numbering each year').
  • New important feature - possibility to link payments received in one currency, with invoices issued in another currency (for example, receive payment in EUR and link it with invoices issued in USD). Amounts are calculated according currency rates, but then can be edited manually.
  • Settings - 'Create transactions button' - previously a window was displayed until all transactions are created. Now we have a status bar at the bottom to display different information, so you may continue your work while transactions are re-created and see the progress on this status bar.
  • Invoice preview windows - button to send invoice didn't work sometimes
  • Mail sending window - possibility to add multiple attachments
  • Job - import analysis report - improvements. Previously it required to have 'Words' unit and 'Translation' work type in the database. Now, if these entries are not found, the system will ask which entries to use instead.
  • Job - copy instructions when job is cloned.
  • Job list and invoice list - we have 2 columns with numbers - integer and formatted. You can hide one of them and leave preferred one.
  • Availability of the new update is now displayed on the status bar.

1.1.2 (01-mar-2017)

  • Polish translation - small additions and fixes - now the software is fully translated
  • New setting - Earning accounting method. Now it is possible to use of the following methods to account income: by jobs, by invoices or by payments
  • Automatical backup creation when the program closes (5 last backups are kept in the database folder)
  • Bugfixes

1.1.1 (27-feb-2017)

  • Polish translation! Thank you, Marcin! We still have few untranslated strings (new ones from the latest update, and hope will add them in the next one)
  • New document - translation assignment. It allows to account job distribution and print purchase orders (customizable form). At the moment implementation is basic, and final result will be slightly different. What is planned: send e-mails with job offers, pickup translators according their rates and previous success, add corresponding widgets to the dashboard with translations being processed by freelancers. This is not a movement into creation of the software for LSPs - it is still intended for individuals who calls for additional help sometimes.
  • New document - outgoing payment. Allows to account payments to contractors. Can be created manually or from translation assignments list.
  • New settings - Job editing form - three switches to hide unnecessary tabs (allows to increase form opening speed up to 3 times)
  • New settings - default folder to save exported pdf (invoices, quotes, purchase orders) and default names of the exported files
  • Contractors catalog - possibility to add default prices.
  • Expense types catalog - 2 default expense/income types: translation income and bank charges. These types can't be deleted, but can be moved into any desired category.
  • Fully refreshed Customer balance report. Now works much quicker, and looks much more flexible.
  • Invoice editing form - possibility to reorder rows (affects the order in printing form).
  • Job quotes - possibility to customize forms. Additional form are placed into 'user_data/templates_quote' folder
  • Job editing form - possibility to reorder rows (affects the order in printing form).
  • Job editing form - import analysis reports - missing fuzzy types are created automatically
  • Expense list - possibility to group rows and get summary by groups.
  • Income list - possibility to group rows and get summary by groups.
  • Dashboard - Notepad - fixed vertical scrolling.

1.0.37 (14-feb-2017)

  • New document - Income (other), to register another (except jobs) sources of income.
  • New report - Ledger. Displays all earnings and expenses in one place, with possibility to filter and print the results.
  • Expenses, Invoices and Income - possibility to import data from Excel (import templates are placed in 'user_data/import_templates' inside software work folder).
  • Dashboard - Job list - context menu - new command to open job folder.
  • Dashboard - new widget - notepad (closed by default)
  • All editing forms - changed default shortcuts: Ctrl-S - save edits, Ctrl-Shift-S - save edits and close form.
  • Invoice printing forms - slight redesign to better fit jobs containing multiple work types (or fuzzies), which now are grouped to better visual separation between different jobs.
  • Scheduler - text was hidden in case of increased font size.
  • Job editing form - 'plus' button to add customer contact.
  • Job editing form - edit invoiced job - notification that invoiced job has been edited.
  • Job editing form - increased form open speed.
  • Job list - context menu - new command to open job folder.
  • Invoice editing form - button to open and edit selected job. Changes are reflected when the job is saved.
  • Invoice editing form - fixes for the small screens.
  • Jobs and invoices - when 10th document is created after 9th (or 100th after 99th), all rows in the list are re-formatted to reflect new numbering formatting (for example, number 55 will turn into 055).
  • New logo and icon :)

1.0.36 (02-feb-2017)

  • Redesigned update function. Now it's possible to download full update, if you missed a number of incremental updates. It will allow not to install updates one by one to reach latest version.
  • New catalog - Contractors. Allows to store information about hired freelancers. At the moment it is not used anywhere, and just added as a part of the new module being created.
  • Settings - new setting - Earning accounting type - allows to specify a way to account income - by deadline (default) or by job creation date.
  • Few important fixes in the invoice printing forms. Moved currency placement, fixed printing of the partial invoices, fixed job detalization list.
  • Slightly redesigned customer editing form, to free up some space and make contacts and prices lists larger.
  • Customer form - added a link to compose e-mail to general team and invoicing team.
  • Customer form - contact list - links to write e-mail.
  • Translation job list - added 'Notes', 'Weighted quantity' and 'Customer (short name)' columns (hidden by default, open Column chooser to show them)
  • Translation job form - setting delivery date leads to changing status to 'Sent'.
  • Scheduler - restore previously selected view when opened next time.
  • Dashboard - new view for the earnings chart. Now it is possible to display current results using column or linear view, or both (see screenshot below).
  • Dashboard - job list - added 'Notes', 'Weighted quantity' and 'Customer (short name)' columns (hidden by default, open Column chooser to show them)
  • Dashboard - delete job - confirmation box before delete.
  • Dashboard - if filter applied to the list of jobs, and of jobs is edited, current filter didn't update.
  • Dashboard - fixed an issue when a job with 'Processing' status was included into 'Ready to invoice' list.
  • All lists - better filtering options for columns containing dates.

1.0.35 (17-jan-2017)

  • First localization language - French!
  • All grids - better visibility of the currently selected row.
  • Dashboard - new widget - Undistributed payments. It is hidden by default. To display it, click corresponding button in the top row.
  • Dashboard - unpaid invoices - possibility to open selected invoice in the invoice editing form or in the invoice list (from the context menu).
  • Customer - fixed a bug which didn't allow to add default prices for the customers.
  • Invoice - possibility to open linked payments from the invoice editing form (by double clicking on the payment).
  • Payment - possibility to open linked invoices from the payment editing form (from the context menu).
  • Payment - added "Notes" field.
  • Import from Excel - auto refresh after import operation.
  • TO3000 import - expenses are now processed too.

1.0.34 (12-jan-2017)

  • Settings - added invoice postfix in addition to invoice prefix.
  • Job - new 'Delivery method' field.
  • Scheduler - fixed app crash when syncing with Google Calendar.
  • Scheduler - entries not automatically modified anymore after editing corresponding job, if those entries has been modified manually at least one time.
  • Scheduler - added 'Update' button to refresh externally changed data.
  • Customer edit form - added scroll for small screens.
  • Performance increase when saving invoices, jobs and payments.
  • TO3000 import - fixed importing of 'Client ref. number' and 'Instructions' fields in jobs.

1.0.33 (05-jan-2017)

Sorry for updates every day! Just fixing some minor bugs and trying to implement faster what you're asking about.

  • Invoice/job editing forms - save layout of the detail tables (moved/hidden columns)
  • Invoice form - added job PO number (for reference)
  • Invoice form - added Print button, to allow invoice previewing without closing editing window
  • Invoice form - list of available jobs - by default only uninvoiced jobs are displayed (filter can be turned off)
  • Bugfixes in all edit forms - now the system won't allow to save and close edit forms if there are any errors (unfilled fields)
  • Further optimizations in price picking mechanism during job editing
  • Customer edit form - better contacts/prices/milestones editing - now from popup windows, which will be useful for small screens, where editing form can't fit because of small resolution

1.0.32 (04-jan-2017)

  • Optimized mechanism of the automatical price pickup during job editing
  • Added possibility to change base currency even if there are jobs/invoices already in the database
  • Settings - changed photo/logo upload mechanism. Now pictures are contained inside database (not on disk in separate image files). Please, reload your images and make necessary corrections in the invoice templates, if your logo is used there
  • New backup/restore mechanism. Now backup/restore operation takes 1 second. Old XML import mechanism is only to load data from online version.
  • Default prices - 4 decimal places instead of 3

1.0.31 (03-jan-2017)

  • New feature - Custom reports. Allows to compose custom reports using the whole application database. Examples of custom reports: simple data lists to create own backup system, custom charts, job form with main details and instructions, price lists, etc. In other words: everything that is possible to summarize using information contained in the database.

    Custom reports are placed into the 'user_data/reports' folder inside application folder.

    The first example of such report can be downloaded at the Downloads page.

  • Customers - possibility to add logo.
  • Contacts - possibility to add photo. The photo is also displayed on the job form when selecting customer contact.
  • Settings - invoice prefix - new variables (year, month, day, customer code)
  • Job form - Increased decimal places for the price (4 instead of 3)
  • Invoice printing bug - this bug appeared after previous update and some users got empty invoice printing forms

1.0.30 (22-dec-2016)

  • Fully new Invoice template designer! Responsive, easy to use, with a lot of built-in helpers. Not it's an absolute pleasure to work on templates. If previously it was very difficult to understand and navigate, now everything is done much-much easier. Just select any element and look at that triangle, which opens menu with the most important properties of the element or report band.
  • Changed built-in invoice templates to include table header when invoice incorporates few pages

1.0.29 (16-dec-2016)

Important and superfly news!

  • Fully new Invoice template designer! Responsive, easy to use, with a lot of built-in helpers. Not it's an absolute pleasure to work on templates. If previously it was very difficult to understand and navigate, now everything is done much-much easier. Just select any element and look at that triangle, which opens menu with the most important properties of the element or report band.
  • Changed built-in invoice templates to include table header when invoice incorporates few pages

1.0.28 (15-dec-2016)

  • Enhanced filtering experience in Jobs, Invoices and Dashboard
  • Fixes in invoice printing templates (incorrect values printed in case of partial invoice)
  • Fixed 'Invoice' column in the list of jobs in the Dashboard
  • Some performance optimizations

1.0.27 (14-dec-2016)

  • New feature - partial invoicing. Now it's possible to issue partial invoices (i.e. have many invoices per job). When invoice is created, there is a slider near selected job allowing to select invoiced percentage of the job
  • Settings - new setting - 'Reset invoice numbers each year' - allows to restart numeration each year
  • Settings - new setting - 'Invoice number prefix' - allows to add own prefix to the invoice numbers
  • Ribbon - new button to quickly create backup without need to open Settings
  • Customer - new 'Tax number' field(which is different from VAT number)
  • Job editing form - better accessibility of the job details table
  • Job creation - currency is set automatically to the default currency, work field is also set automatically if there is only one work field in the database (for this users who don't use work fields)
  • Invoice editing form - payment methods are selected automatically depending on the invoice currency
  • Payment list - added new 'Invoice' column
  • Dashboard - Job list - possibility to group jobs and setup conditional formatting
  • TO3000 Import - fixes, plus possibility to import only reference data

1.0.26 (10-dec-2016)

  • New feature - app localization. At the moment there are only two languages - English and Russian. New languages will be added soon. Plenned to add: Italian, Spanish, French, German, Polish. Other languages are possible too. Language selector can be found in Settings - Application settings. When set to 'Auto', interface will be localized into your system's language. At the moment some parts are already translated into mentioned languages, so in case of Auto setting you may see partially translated UI.
  • Fixed bug in Job editing form, when the app crashed if try to save the job with not filled required fields.

1.0.25 (07-dec-2016)

  • New feature - send invoices and payment reminders from within the app
  • New catalog - message templates (on the Home page of the ribbon). Here you can create your own message templates using Word-style editor.
  • Invoice preview window - new button to send invoice by e-mail
  • Highly reduced job editing form open time
  • Bug fixes

1.0.24 (02-dec-2016)

  • Invoice - added 'Fixed charges' field, to include expenses you charge from the customer
  • Main menu - new 'Quick reqest' button to send e-mail to the developer
  • Application settings - e-mail settings to enable e-mail sending from the app (at the moment only quick request, later it will be possible to send invices, payment reminders, etc.)
  • Tax - Rate - 4 decimal signs instead of 2
  • Customer - added possibility to specify default taxes, applied automatically during invoice creation
  • Payment - added 'Payment method' field
  • TO3000 import fixes

1.0.23 (30-nov-2016)

  • New report - Performance report. Please read all the details in the manual
  • Job - new fields - Notes, Customer refence number field and Instructions. Unstructions allows to format text as in Word (colors, fonts, lists, formatting, tables, pictures, etc.)
  • Job list - deadline is displayed with time
  • Translation projects - list of jobs - added new columns and possibility to select displayed columns
  • Balance - jobs with 'recieved' status are not included in the balance
  • Settings - job folder naming - added new variables: job year (in 4-digits format) and project name

1.0.21-22 (25-nov-2016)

  • Main ribbon menu - now it is possible to fully customize ribbon. Right click - Customize ribbon. All changes are saved automatically.
  • Catalogs - possibility to import data from Excel. Templates can be found in 'user_data/import_templates' folder
  • Invoice - tax selection moved from invoice details table to the general invoice form. This means that the tax is now applied to the whole invoice instead of individual rows
  • Invoice - added second tax
  • Invoice - corrected all printing forms to include both taxes and discount
  • Invoice - discount is now calcualted before tax
  • Invoice template designer - initial folder in open and save dialogs now is set to the default folder with invoice templates
  • Invoice - added field with fixed dicount amount
  • Currency - new 'Symbol' field, which may contain currency sign

1.0.20 (19-nov-2016)

  • New catalog - expense types (with categories of expenses)
  • Expense document - added 'Expense type' and 'Payee' fields
  • Translation project - added 'Amount' filed to display total amount of jobs from this project
  • New chart - Expenses
  • Fixed bug with incorrectly displayed invoice number when creating new invoice
  • Refresh button in comboboxes - modified data also refreshed (previously only added/removed data refreshed)

1.0.19 (16-nov-2016)

  • Job - app crashed when deadline was empty
  • Dashboard - change status to 'Sent' - delivery date sets automatically
  • New funny feature - rest timer. If you ask, it will remind you to take a small break each 55 minutes and make a small eye exercise. It is possible to start timer when application starts (in the settings) or manually click corresponding button in the main menu.

1.0.18 (15-nov-2016)

  • Fuzzy type - added 'Adjustment factor' field, which allows to set 'weight' of the fuzzy type
  • Default prices - now it is not necessary to create default rates for each fuzzy types. You can create one rate, and other rates will be calculated on the base of fuzzy weight
  • Invoice - it is possible to have as many printing templates as you like. Simply put them into 'user_data/templates_invoice' folder, and they will be plugged-in. Then you can select which template to use before printing. New approach allows to have different invoice templates for different customers, or in different languages.
  • All comboboxes - added 'refresh' button. For example, if you're in the Customer tab, then switch to the Currencies and create new currency, then switch back to the customer tab, than this new currency won't be displayed in the 'Default currency' list. 'Refresh' button solves this problem, allowing to load data, updated in another tab.
  • nvoices and Jobs - Better sorting by numbers (for example, 1 is formatted as 001)

1.0.17 (10-nov-2016)

  • All lists - button to export current list. Can be saved in any format, including Excel, CSV, Word, etc.
  • Job and invoice list - button to display details. Allows to view job details or invoice details right from the list. When details are displayed and you click Export button, than these details will be also exported.
  • Dashboard - context menu in the job list - allows to change status without opening the job, add, edit, copy and delete selected job.
  • Bug fixes in backup and restore mechanism

1.0.16 (08-nov-2016)

  • All lists - copy support. Just select necessary cells or rows and hit Ctrl-C. Copied data can be pasted into Word or Excel in table format.
  • Invoice - added Discount field
  • Settings - possibility to specify which forms will opened when application starts (dashboard, jobs, invoices)
  • New keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-Enter to save currently edited entity, Ctrl-Q - to close current tab, Ctrl-O - to open settings

1.0.14 (06-nov-2016)

  • Settings - Application settings - new option to enable Google calendar synchronization! Now it is possible to create appointments in Google Calendar when creating jobs. Works in test mode.
  • Settings - Possibility to provide own company name and VAT number (included in the invoice)
  • Settings - Possibility to erase default language direction
  • Dashboard - Possibility to select columns in the job list (right click and select 'Column chooser')
  • Job - Rejection date is showed only if status is set to 'Rejected'
  • Job - Deadline is selected via default calendar
  • Job - Details table - possibility calculate quantity on the base of final amount and rate (button in the Quantity column or hit F5 in any place in the row)
  • Job - Files - fixed bug with files copy/move
  • Customer - Added 'Default currency' field. It is automatically set when selecting customer in the job
  • Customer - Added 'VAT number' field. Can be included in the invoice
  • Customer - Default prices - added currency column to provide possibility to enter rates in different currencies
  • Default prices and customer rates - Added 'Unit' column to provide possibility to enter rates for different units
  • Minor bugs fixes, spelling fixes, forms composition fixes

1.0.12-1.0.13 (04-nov-2016)

  • Urgent fix - was impossible to add new currency
  • Settings and Job - possibility to type folder name instead of selecting it via folder browser
  • Settings - new variables for the folder template - year, month and day numbers
  • Main ribbon - Theme tab - possibility to change font size in entire application
  • Main ribbon - Theme tab - possibility to change theme - now it is possible change application view with a number of different themes

1.0.11 (03-nov-2016)

  • Settings - Application settings - new parameter - "Numbering system". Numbering may now be sequential or based on the client code.
  • Customer - new 'Code' field, which may be used as a prefix for jobs and invoices numbers.
  • Default job folder now may include customer code
  • Translation job - possibility to copy or move files to the job's folder

1.0.10 (02-nov-2016)

  • Settings - Application settings - new parameter - "Default working folder". Allows to set the folder on the hard drive where you keep all working folders and files.
  • Settings - Application settings - new parameter - "Job folder name template". Allows to set rules to name folders for jobs.
  • Settings - Application settings - possibility to specify folders which will be automatically created in the job's folder.
  • Translation job - New "Files" tab, which displays all the files contained in the job folder. Double click to open the file. Also you can frag and drop file to copy it to the job's folder.
  • Translation project - new 'Project name' field, which is also displayed when picking up the project
  • Quick access keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-D - dashboard, Ctrl-P - projects, Ctrl-J - jobs, Ctrl-I - invoices, Ctrl-F - customers

1.0.9 (30-oct-2016)

  • First revision of the manual included! 50 pages of useful information. The first revision doesn't include chapters about CV generation and scheduler.
  • New document - Expenses - allows to enter expenses and distribute them per some number of the following months
  • Dashboard - Gainings chart - accounting expenses when building
  • Chart - Gainings chart - accounting expenses when building
  • Job list - batch change - added language direction field
  • Job list - batch change - if changing status from Processing to Sent via batch change, than Delivery date automatically set to the current date and time
  • Customer - Editing form - fixed balance amount (it was always zero after previous update)
  • Updated limitations of the demo mode - 30 jobs and 5 invoices - this gives wider possibilities to evaluate software

1.0.8 (25-oct-2016)

  • Contacts - added "Notes" field to provide free comments for each contact person
  • Payment document - include/exclude paid invoices via handy drag and drop mechanism
  • Dashboard - current projects are automatically sorted by deadline (in descending order - latest at the top)
  • Payments list - possibility to delete selected payments (not one by one)
  • Some fixes in the template editors
  • User settings - added 'Personal details' field on the 'CV/professional data' tab

1.0.7 (23-oct-2016)

  • Invoice list - added a panel with detailed description of the currently selected invoice
  • Invoice - new and intuitive approach to picking up the projects included in the invoice. Now it is possible to drag and drop translation jobs to and from invoice. List of available jobs can be sorted and filtered (for example, to show only uninvoiced jobs). Also, it is possible to drag rows away from the invoice, using jobs list as the recycle bin.
  • Translation projects list - possibility to expand project to see jobs connected with this project. Double click to open this job.

1.0.5-1.0.6 (22-oct-2016)

  • Translation job - Job details - calculator in the Quantity column (F4 to call and Ctrl-Enter to apply value and close calculator)
  • Translation job - Delivery date is set automaticall when status is changed from Processing to Sent
  • Translation job - Term is changed automatically on the base of the job date
  • TO3000 Import - bug fixes
  • Translation job - fixed applying of default rates when editing job
  • Dashboard - Refresh data - Translation jobs didn't refresh sometimes

1.0.2 (17-oct-2016)

  • Dashboard - possibility to reset layout to default
  • New updating model
  • Job list - possibility to change column values of the selected jobs in batch mode
  • Job list - now it is impossible to create invoice if the job already invoiced

1.0.41 (13-sep-2016)

  • Dashboard - more compact widgets
  • Dashboard - each widged can be collapsed
  • Dashbpard - new visualization of the montly results and work stats
  • Dashboard - new widget - 'Ready to invoice' - shows the customers ready to be invoiced according to invoicing threshold set for each customer
  • Dashboard - new widget - 'News'
  • Customer editing page - new field - 'Invoicing threshold' - allows to set amount which is when reached creates a notification in the Dashboard about possibility to create a new invoice for that customer

1.0.40 (07-sep-2016)

This update contains breaking changes. Please read this news post to get full details.

  • New approach to invoice creation. In the invoice rows, Unit, Work type, Quantity, Price can't be edited if any translation job is selected in this row. If translation job is not selected, then all fields are available for editing.
  • Translation job - disabled details editing if invoice has been created for this job
  • Possibility to create demo data. Allows to create dummy data for previous three years and evaluate the system without manually entering the data. Available on the Profile page.

1.0.37 (02-sep-2016)

  • New navigation system. We removed left pane and put all commands into new collapsable menu, which contains all commands, available in the system.
  • Changed approach to formatting dates and numbers - now the app automatically adjust these settings according browser's settings
  • Main menu - added 'Quick request' button, which allows to send a message to the developer without extra actions - just click the button, type the request and click 'Send'. No need to create tickets and dig throught different form. Now sending a request is a matter of seconds!

1.0.36 (26-aug-2016)

  • New article in documentation: CV management
  • Project list page - if to click 'Create invoice' button with no selected projects, than you'll get a helpful hint
  • Invoice list page - if to click 'Create payment' button with no selected invoices, than you'll get a helpful hint
  • Project list - new button to select showed and hidden columns - now it's possible to hide columns you don't like
  • Project list - new search bar - possibility to search by all columns with results hightlight
  • Invoice list - new search bar - possibility to search by all columns with results hightlight
  • Project list - possibility to clear all filters with one click (see the bar below the table)

1.0.35 (25-aug-2016)

  • Exclusive feature - CV generator. Can be accessed from the 'Profile' page, 'Professional data' tab. Allows to select one of the base predefined templates and fully customize it according any possible needs. You can make the CV public, share the link and allow everyone to view your CV, which will be always up to date
  • Profile page - redesign
  • Profile page - possibility to add user photo
  • Profile page - new fields - skype and web-addresses of profiles at, Translators Cafe, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Profile page - new 'Professional data' section. Allows to specify translation background: education, work experience, diplomas and certifications, references, list of software and personal details or history in a free form

1.0.34 (15-aug-2016)

  • Invoice list and editing page - now mobile-friendly
  • Invoice edit page - possibility to create catalog entries (customers, work types, units) without leaving the page (see 'plus' buttons in the corresponding fields)
  • Invoice list - new button to create a payment on the base of selected invoices. New payment amount will correspond to the amount of selected invoices, and these invoices will be added to the payment details table (linked with invoices)
  • Invoice list - automatic amount calculation for the selected invoices
  • Payment list and editing page - now mobile-friendly
  • Translation project list - automatic amount calculation for the selected projects (no need to click separate button)
  • Design improvements

1.0.33 (12-aug-2016)

  • New feature - Import data from Translation Office 3000. To use it, go to the 'Profile' page and click orange 'Import external data' button. Then, follow the instructions
  • Some fixes to accomodate import operations

1.0.32 (10-aug-2016)

  • New catalog - 'Default prices' - allows to set general prices which will be applied if no default rate is set for the particular customer
  • New catalog - 'Languages' - allows to create and manage list of language you work with
  • New catalog - 'Language directions' - contains all possible language combination you work with. There is also a button named 'Set as default' which allows to apply new language combination to all projects with empty 'Language direction' field.
  • Customer prices - added 'Language combination' column to link the price with specific language direction
  • 'Manage' page - added new 'Default language direction' setting, which allows to set most common language direction which will be used when creating new translation projects
  • 'Translation project' - new 'Language direction' field, which allows to specify source and target language for particular job

1.0.31 (08-aug-2016)

  • New 'Chart' report to display statistical data, includes 3 charts by now: "Word stats", "Bunber of projects" and "Gainings"
  • Small unvisible fixes

1.0.30 (28-jul-2016)

  • Dashboard - new widget-style composition with possibility to move widgets and turn them on or off. Layout is saved automatically using cookies
  • Dashboard - new widget - Scheduler
  • Dashboard - chart - moved legend to the right and added tooltips for the pies
  • 'Profile' page - possibility to remove uploaded logo
  • 'Profile' page - two new options: 'Subscribe for newsletter' and 'Get email notifications from internal messaging system'. Both are checked by default for existing users. Please uncheck them if you don't like to receive corresponding email notifications.
  • Invoice creation on the base of multiple projects - incorrect total amount calculation. This appeared only after invoice creation, but final amount after invoice saving was correct.
  • Documentation - new article - Backup and restore data, describing structure of the backup file
  • Another step in making the app mobile-friendly. Now it's easy to view and edit translation projects in your mobile browser. I'll continue to implement the same features on another pages in the upcoming releases.
  • Bug - it was impossible to open customer editing page if there was one project with zero total amount
  • Changed ads placement

1.0.29 (19-jul-2016)

  • New feature: invoice template editing. Now it's possible to fully customize invoice template! Simply go to the 'Profile' page, select 'Custom template' in the 'Invoice variant' combo box, click 'Edit template' button and start to experiment! The editor has infinite features and will be described in upcoming documentation article.
  • Translation projects list - fix - if to select a number of projects on different pages of the list and then click 'Create invoice' or 'Amounts by selected', then only project from the active page are processed. This is fixed and now you can create an invoice for the projects selected on different pages.
  • Translation project, Invoice, Payment and Customer edit pages - a warning before leaving the page with unsaved pages
  • Customer edit page - possibility to add/edit/delete employees
  • All pages - added '?' button which opens corresponding documentation article, if exists. Will add similar buttons to another pages together with adding new articles in documentation.

1.0.28 (14-jul-2016)

  • Translation project creation - auto creation of a new record in the scheduler with the deadline as an 'End date'.
  • Profile page - new setting - 'Default subject of the appointemnt'. Allows to change the rules of subject setting during auto creation of the record in the scheduler. It is possible to use a number of variables in this field.

1.0.27 (13-jul-2016)

  • New feature - Backup and restore data. To use it, go to the profile page and click 'Backup and restore' button at the bottom.
  • Profile page - 'Erase data' button - allows to fully delete all data, entered in the system
  • Translation project document - list - added checkbox to select all rows
  • Translation project document - list - added grouping feature with amounts calculation by groups
  • Translation project document - list - added footer displaying amount for all displayed rows (according filter)
  • Invoice document - list - added footer displaying amount for all displayed rows (according filter)

1.0.26 (04-jul-2016)

  • Payment document - details table - added totals
  • Payment document - added 'Undistributed amount' column to see amount, not assigned to any invoice
  • Payment document - details table - invoice selection - auto calculation of the amount, assigned for the selected invoice
  • Invoice document - list - added 'Overdue' filter option in the 'Term' column
  • Invoice document - list - added 'Invoicing data' button to show the most important invoicing details for the selected invoice and customer, with possibility to compose reminders
  • Invoice document - list - added 'Show overdue' button to show only overdue invoices
  • Persons catalog - added 'Invoicing' checkbox to mark a person as the person for contacting on invoicing matters. Thus, disabled editing of the 'Invoicing e-mail' field in the 'Customers' catalog - now this field displays the list of all invoicing e-mails for particular customer.
  • Dashboard - added 'Unpaid invoices' section (overdue invoices are marked with red color)
  • Help - new article - Working with invoices

1.0.25 (29-jun-2016)

  • New feature: Scheduler. Allows to plan working (or free) time, switch between different views. Fully interactive and represantative solution.
  • App header panel - new 'calendar' icon, which shows the number of appointments for the current day.
  • First steps in Dashboard redesign. There will be more improvements in upcoming releases. Plan to include more information, turning it into a 'real' dashboard, which must become the only one working center.

1.0.24 (27-jun-2016)

  • Translation project: new 'Time tracking' page to add details about working time. Use 'Start counter' or 'Stop counter' buttons to add data. It is also possible to edit dates and times manually - just double click on a row or click 'Edit' button above table, than use date/time picker to specify date or time.
  • Translation project - Project details table - 'Quantity' column - add a button to transfer total hours from 'Tracking time' table.
  • App speed improvements

1.0.23 (24-jun-2016)

  • New 'Work stats' report, which shows statistical data for the completed projects detailed by work type, work field and unit of measure - everything in one place!
  • 'Work stats' report: possibility to export data to Excel format
  • Design improvements

1.0.22 (20-jun-2016)

  • Project: possibility to import analysis report generated by SDL Trados and MemoQ into the new project. Simply prepare the report, create a new project in BaccS and drop the report into the corresponding space. After a few seconds project details table will be filled with the corresponding data.

1.0.21 (15-jun-2016)

  • Project: possibility to create new Customer, Customer contact, Work field, Work type, Unit and Fuzzy Type right on the project creation page. To do that use '+' buttons in the corresponding comboboxes.
  • Projects list: new button - "Amounts by selected", which allows you to compute total amount for the selected projects. Simply select necessary project using checkboxes in the first column, and then click this button. In a result you'll see the amount under the list of projects.
  • Thanks to users: fixed many spelling mistakes and typos. Sure there will be more such kind of issues, so I'm asking to inform about such things.

1.0.19 (13-jun-2016)

  • New feature: quotes. Now it's possible to print quotes for upcoming jobs. Simply add a new project, fill details, save it and click 'Print quote'.

1.0.19 (13-jun-2016)

This is a minor update with no new features

  • Fixed a batch of found minor bugs. For example, added a button to clear tax when editing invoice, improved auto apply of default tax in invoices etc.
  • Changed look of the app. Fonts are smaller and less mobile-friendly, but document lists are now contain 20 rows per page instead of 10. Generally, more data can be viewed at the same time in all screens. Also, changed some colors to make the app more colorful so it's easier to orient in selections now.

1.0.18 (07-jun-2016)

  • Added default rates for customers. Just open any Customer, select 'Default rates' tab, add desired rates, and they will be automatically applied when adding a new project.
  • Few minor bug fixes.
  • Beautiful tooltips around the app. When you see question mark, just move your mouse over it to see additional description of particular element

1.0.17 (03-jun-2016)

  • Add an option to select logo in user settings, which will be used when printing invoice.
  • Two new invoice templates and re-designed main template. Please go to Profile and select default template.
  • Each invoice template has an option to exclude 'Project manager' and 'Purchase order' columns, to make 'Description' column wider.
  • Add new accent color - Light Gray.
  • Possibility to change invoice template and accent color on the fly - just print invoice, select 'Parameters' in the right, make changes and click 'Submit.

1.0.16 (02-jun-2016)

  • Payment document - invoice selection - added information about invoice amount and due amount to make selection more useful. Invoices are listed only for the selected customer.
  • Invoice document - project selection - added information about project amount to make selection more useful. Projects are listed only for the selected customer.
  • Improved experience on mobile devices. That's just the beginning of the big job to make the app mobile-friendly.

1.0.15 (25-may-2016)

  • New Message center - create requests, submit ideas, ask questions and track answers from admin via nice widget in the top right corner of the app which shows number of unread message. Simply click it and go to Message center.

1.0.14 (22-may-2016)

  • New setting on Manage page - user's time zone. Please select it, in other case standard Utc time will be used everywhere.
  • Polished design, I believe everything looks smarter now.