Sometimes BaccS may connect to Internet to perform one or another action. In this article it will be described why BaccS may sent network requests during usage.

    1. To check if program update is available and to download it
    2. To download currency rates
    3. To send reports to BaccS server when program crash occurs. These reports include information about installed version, your name and e-mail (to be able to back contact)
    4. To send e-mail messages from within corresponding form (to send invoices, payment reminders, etc.)
    5. To connect with account and perform corresponding actions on user's behalf (setting availability, post/edit WIWO entries, post/edit feedback on the Blue Board
    6. (optional) To connect to your database which may be stored on the cloud server

This is all the data which BaccS may send/get from Internet. If Internet connection is turned off (or restricted), then the program will continue to work, but without mentioned functions.

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