Default look of the Currency rates list:

As it clear from title, this lust contains currency rates, which allow to recalculate amounts between different currencies. All rates are based in the base currency, specified in Settings. For example, if you use USD as base currency, than currency rate for EUR should allow to get amount in EUR by multiplying amount in EUR and currency rate.

For example, 100 EUR corresponds to 113.65 USD on 06-jun-2016. This means that currency rate should be 1.1365. So, 100 x 1.1365 = 113.65.

BaccS has a feature to download rates automatically. To do this, click Download rates button on the ribbon. When clicked, a popup window opens:

Here you can select from five currency rates providers (OpenExchange, Central European Bank, Yahoo Finance, Central bank of Russia, HM Revenue and Customs, Bank of Croatia). Just provide date and currency you like to get rates for, and then click OK. A new rate will be added to the table in background. We recommend to download rates from time to time to make amounts more precise. No need to do that everyday, but will be useful to have updated rates. In addition, you can call currency rates download window during editing of jobs, invoices and payments.

Any Currency rate field which you will find in many editing forms in BaccS contains a button to open currency rates downloader. If you provide currency rate manually in such field, it won't be added to the currency rates list. If you use currency rates downloader, the downloaded rate will be added to the currency rates list and immediately applied to the field you're currently editing.

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