Custom reports feature allows to create own reports using data contained in the database. The process of creation of a custom report is similar to editing of the invoice template, but instead of invoices table we can use any other table from the application database.

Custom reports are saved in the user_data/reports folder inside application folder in the repx format. All reports placed inside this folder are loaded automatically. This allows to exchange report files, download them from the BaccS’ website and plug on fly.

Custom reports form looks as following:

As you see, it just contains a list of reports and the second tab, where selected report can be generated, previewed and exported. For example, if to double click on the first report, we’ll get the following picture:

This particular report allows to list all customers with all their data and employees. Each employee is also accompanied with the photo and personal details.

Instead of previewing it is possible to edit selected template in the designer. To do this, just click Edit selected report button in the menu. Make necessary edits, save the template and return to this window, where refreshed report may be generated again.

Examples of another reports you may create using this feature: price lists, lists of jobs or invoice to create own backup system, different charts, cross-tab reports to interpret complex data, such as summary statistics, etc. Possibilities are really wide, and only limited by the data present in the system.

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