To help you get familiarized with QuickReports feature, BaccS contains a number of pre-defined reports. You're free to delete them or edit as you wish - these reports are created using default means and are not the part of the software. Here is a list of pre-defined QuickReports:

Dashboard (customers)

Time range control to quickly change report period, top customers table, volumes by customer, colored map showing world map with highlighted countries, pivot table to analyze margin by tears and customers, total amount of unpaid invoices by customers and amount of uninvoiced jobs.

Performance report

Allows to analyze your performance in terms of yeas and customers, showing total amount and average volumes in table and chat forms. In addition, contains interactive chart to analyze translation volumes by customers with year-quarter-month detalization.

Number of jobs

Simple report containing interactive chat displaying number of jobs you did in different periods.

Time analysis.

Displays different information about time you spend working on jobs. Charts display info by specializations and customers, as long as your performance by years. Pie chart is clickable and allows to view detailed data about each specialization category.


Allows to display and compare income/expenses for a selected period of time, along with average earnings and income/expense structure.

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