Currently, Excel import functionality is implemented only for the following data types:

    • Customers
    • Contractors

This list will be expanded with time.

To do importing, please open BaccS installation folder on your hard drive and find ExcelTemplates folder inside it. This folder contains example files you should use as a base for importing. Please don't delete any column nor add any new columns too. Fill a template with your actual data. It is not necessary to fill-in all columns - if some data is missing, simply leave that column empty.

Some entity types has complex structure. For example, contractors, in addition to general data like name, address, contact details, may contain nested tables (rates, languages, accepted payment methods). In the example Excel file, this complex structure is highlighted using different colors. It is not necessary to colorize it as in the example - colors are used just to differentiate different types of rows. Row type is specified in the first column. It is obligatory to place nested rows after main row. For example, after a row with main contractor's details you have to place additional rows with provided price (type 1), supported payment methods (type 2) and languages (type 3). Depending on row type, it has different structure. This structure is described in the very first row of the Excel template. Please carefully check provided example files to better understand how it works.

When Excel template is filled, open corresponding reference data table and click Import from Excel button. Select prepared file and import operation will begin. After some time, you will see a message with import results.

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