Default look of the Fuzzy types list:

This list is pre-filled with default fuzzy types used my famous CAT tools. You can create your own fuzzy types. Then, they can be used to specify default rates and to import analysis reports from Trados or MemoQ into new jobs.

Except name, fuzzy types contain Sort and Factor (%) field. Sort field allows to specify sorting order when performing operations of automatic filling of fuzzy tables. For example, this happens during importing analysis data from CAT tools. Factor field allows to specify weight of the fuzzy type, which is applied during price calculation. For example, weight of the No match fuzzy is 100, while weight of the Repetition fuzzy type could be 10%. This means that the price, automatically applied for the Repetitions fuzzy types during job creation, will be lowered by 90% comparing to the price for the No match fuzzy type.

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