All printing templates and custom reports can be found in the Reports list, which can be opened from the Reports group of the navigation tree:

This list can be pretty large, and to view only necessary reports, you can use default filtering or grouping capabilities. For example, to view only invoice templates, open filtering menu in the Data Type column and select Invoice. Also you can use pre-defined filters available on the ribbon and select Invoice templates item:

Another way to navigate here is grouping. Right click on any column name, select Show Group By Box, and then group list by Data Type column:

Now you have quick access to Invoice templates. Expand the group and take a note on Is Predefined column. If invoice template is predefined, it can't be edited. There are four such templates. To create own template on the base of one of the predefined templates, right lick on it and select Copy predefined template. In the result, a new template will be created near source template, but Is Predefined field will be empty:

Right click on this row and select Edit. In the opened form, give another name to this template, to distinguish it in the list:

To launch template designer, click on the Show report designer button. Now, welcome to the next article, where you will get basic information about the designer.

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