When invoice is generated and saved, it is ready to be printed. When you are editing an invoice, don't forget to click Save button, otherwise you won't see unsaved changes in the generated invoice.

You can print invoices from invoice list or from invoice editing form. In the invoice list, select one or multiple invoices and click Print button. The same button is available in the invoice editing form, but it allows to print only one currently opened invoice. There are two Print buttons in the invoice list and invoice editing form:

The first one contains drop-down button, which displays all invoice templates you have and allows to select one to be used for a selected invoice printing. The second Print invoice button allows to print selected invoice using default settings. You may select default invoice template in the main program settings. In addition, you can assign default invoice for each customer on the customer editing form. Thus, when you click Print invoice button, the system will check these settings and use a correct template. In its turn, the first Print button allows to explicitly choose a template.

Please note that Print invoice button becomes unavailable when you select more than one invoice in the list. In other words, multiple invoice printing is supported only when you explicitly choose desired template.

Here is an example of the Print preview window:

One of main functions of the preview page is possibility to make final edits in the invoice. Yes, you can edit generated invoice almost as in text editor (for custom templates, this feature must be turned on in the invoice template designer). To highlight fields which support final editing, click Editing fields button on the ribbon:

Blue fields on the example above can be edited.

On the preview page you can also change page settings, print invoice, export (save) it in a number of different formats (PDF, XLSX, RTF, HTML, TXT and even PNG) or send by e-mail. To change look settings, select parameters on the left pane. For the templates which support color accents you can select one of supported colors. Simply make desired selections on the Parameters panel and click Submit to see the results. To print, export or change view scale, simply use buttons above the preview area.

To send invoice by e-mail, click E-mail via BaccS button in the preview window. A message composing window will be opened with pre-filled recipient, message header and file attachment. Double click on the message template used to send invoices and click Send. A message will be sent and appear in the Sent folder of your mailbox. Also, it will be saved in the Mail sender list along with attached invoice.

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