To get localized or bilingual invoice, do the following:

1. Open Reference data - Languages table. Note Iso2 code of the language you'd like to localize your invoice to.

2. Open Reference data - Localization strings table. Add corresponding entries there. For example, add Spanish translation for 'Translation' word ('Traduction'). Do the same for other strings needed to be localized during invoice printing.

3. Open localized invoice in the template designer.

4. In the properties of the report, find the Name property and add '_code' to the name (underline plus iso2 code of the language, for example: myreport_es). Take a note that you have to use Name property, not DisplayName.

5. Find any control on the report which needs to be localized. Again, add the same string to its name. For example: label115_es.

6. Save report template and try to use it:

7. To make invoice bilingual, put 2 labels binded to the same field, but add localization code to the Name property only for one of those labels:

Note. It is not possible to localize values when using Mail merge binding. To localize labels, please always bind it to one field.

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