BaccS allows to localize printing templates. Here we'll talk about localizing invoice templates, but the same rules are applied to another printing forms (quotes, purchase orders).

Localization process is divided into 2 parts.

Firstly, you need to create a new localized template. To do this, open any existing template you would like to use as a basement, and save it under another name (File - Save as...). After that, start to localize all labels you see in the template. Simply double-click on each label or table header, and type translation there:

In the result, you will get partially-localized form. Why partially? Because some elements in the invoice are populated on the base of database values. For example, work types, units, language directions, currency names, invoice message text - all these values are 'grabbed' from database during printing. Such values are localized in a different way.

To localize such values you have to use Localized strings catalog. It allows to create translations of necessary terms into any other languages. For example, you may create an entry for 'Words' unit there and provide translations of this term into any other languages. Please read detailed information about this catalog in a separate topic.

After finishing with localization of all values in the template itself and in the Localized strings catalog, you have to do one last action. Please, select template (click on empty space), switch to Properties panel and find Name property. Then, add ISO code of the language (2 letters) at the end of this property. Examples:

invoice_agency1_ru  - Russian version

invoice_vat_es  - Spanish version

my_inoivce_de - German version

Done! Now, when you will try to print invoice using this template, you will get fully localized version.

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