Default look of the Localized strings list:

This list contains list of items which may be localized during preparing of different printing forms (invoices, quotes, purchase orders, etc.). While some values may be localized right in the template designer, other values are gained from the database during form generation, which makes them more difficult to localize. For example, let's take Unit column in the invoice. In the database we may have one unit - 'Words' (or another in your language). But what if we want to have different translations of this unit for invoices in different languages? For example, in English (that we already have) and in Spanish ('Palabras'). This list is intended for such cases. Just crate a new entry here, type source word or phrase, select target language and type translation. That's all - localized printing templates will use translated string instead of source. More detailed information about form localization can be found in this topic.

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