If you already have created a project in BaccS and want to create similar project in Memsource, do the following:

1. Open Translation projects list.

2. In the list, open any existing project which will be created in Memsource.

3. In the project editing form, click Memsource button on the ribbon and select Create a project in Memsource. A new window opens:

Integration with Memsource translation management software

4. Fields in this window are pre-populated from your project. In the Client, Domain and Subdomain fields you can select clients and domains created in your Memsource account. BaccS attempts to find corresponding client and domain (searches by name). If these fields are empty, select corresponding values from a drop-down list.

Drop-down list for a client contains Create a client button, which allows you to create a new client in Memsource on fly. Drop-down list for a domain (and sub-domain) also contains Create a domain button (Create a sub-domain), which allows you to create a new domains and sub-domins in Memsource:

Integration with Memsource translation management software

Check is Iso2 code of target languages is correct, and click OK.

5. In a few moments you will see a message about result of operation. In case of errors you will see error description, otherwise it will be confirmation message about successful. Your existing project will be automatically linked with a project created in Memsource.

6. To upload Reference files for a project, click Memsource button again and select Upload reference files. In the appeared dialog, select any file and click OK. Depending on a selected file size, it may take some time to finish uploading.

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