Outgoing payments allow to account payments made in address of contractors. You can create payments manually (from the Payment (outgoing) table) or automatically. To create a payment automatically, select necessary assignments in the Translation assignments list and click Create a payment button. A new payment will be created for the amount which corresponds to the amount of the selected assignments.

Check/select a contractor, amount and currency, and then fill table of paid assignments. One payment document may cover any number of assignments. Just keep in mind that amount of the distribution table can’t be greater than amount of the payment. Otherwise program will show error message.

When you create a payment manually (not from the assignment list by selecting assignments and clicking Create a payment button), you can add (link) assignment to a payment by pressing Add assignment(s) button above the Payment details table. You will see a list of unpaid jobs for the currently selected contractor:

Select one or multiple assignments and click OK button. They will be added to a payment.

As with incoming payments, it is possible to link a payment issued in one currency with translation assignments created in other currencies. To do this, follow this procedure:

1. Create a payment and specify amount and currency.

2. Add necessary assignment to the details table (in any currency).

3. If currency of any assignment differs from the currency of payment, specify currency rates (manually or automatic). Amount column contains amount deducted from the payment amount, while Amount (assignment currency) must contain amount converted into the assignment currency.

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