Create a job, specify all types of work and prices, then save it. When done, return to the job list, select the created job and click Print a quote on the ribbon. Quote form appears:

If you select multiple jobs and click Print a quote button, then all these jobs will be included into the quote, like in the following example:

This is a default form which may be customized. You can see drop-down button near Print button, which contains a list of the custom quote templates. These templates are created within default Reports view, available in the Reports section of the navigation tree. To create own quote form, just copy predefined one, rename it and then open in the designer. After that new printing form will appear under Print button.

By default, job quote may also include default taxes. When a quote is generated, the following logic is used. If any value is selected in the Default tax field in the program Settings, then this tax is added to the quote amount. If selected customer has specified Default tax 1 and Default tax 2, these taxes are added to the quote amount.

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