It is often very difficult to estimate project amount just on the base of word count. Agreement to calculate final amount after finishing the job is a common case in many projects. For example, some translations can't be done using CAT tools, and sometimes it's not possible to calculate words at all, or final translation may require post-formatting or other tasks. Such works are usually estimated on the work time basis. Time tracking feature allows translators to save working time periods and then calculate total number of spent hours. Then this number can be used to calculate project total. You can track time using 2 methods: on per-task or per-job basis. Take a look at the following screenshot:

Here 4 tasks are created. In the job tasks table there is a Work time column, which allow to start and stop time tracking timer. To start counting work time, click on the green Start timer button. You can run timer only for one job task at a time. As the time counts, you will see that the total job time also changes.

However, instead of running a timer for separate tasks, you can run it for the whole job. In this case, use Start timer and Stop timer buttons in the job's Edit time field.

Important note. If you run a time or a whole job, and then run a timer for individual task, then job's total time will be erased and re-calculated as a sum of all work times for individual tasks.

When total time is calculated, simply enter necessary amount of hours in the Quantity column and select Hour (Hours) in the Unit column. The program ill automatically pick-up your per-hour rate for a selected customer and calculate total amount.

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