To account incoming work in BaccS, the following terminology/hierarchy is used: translation projects - translation jobs - translation job tasks. While translation projects are placed at the top of this hierarchy and are used to aggregate translation jobs, the main role belongs to translation jobs, which are the only entity type to account performed tasks. Thus, it is not obligatory to create a project for each job. Consider it as a kind of long-running project which consist of different jobs paid/invoiced separately. It is fully allowed to not specify a project in a job (the field may be left empty). But when you specify a project in a job, job amount and quantities will be added to the project. As a result, you will be able to see how much jobs were included in particular project, how much words you translated or hours spent, when the project has been started and when the last job has been done. Except aggregation, projects can be used in CVs - you can mark which projects must be included in CV to highlight the most interesting/important projects in your career.

Responsible person field is intended only for teams and allows to select staff member responsible for this project. Later it will be possible to generate reports showing performance of each staff member.

To view jobs linked with the project, simply open its editing form:

List of jobs displayed here is identical to the general list, with the same conditional formatting rules applied. You can create, edit, delete jobs from this list, as from the general list.

Project editing window also contains Assignments tab. In this tab you will find all translation assignments which are linked with jobs which belong to this project.

In the Files tab you may attach any files to the current project (source files, reference files, glossaries, TMs, etc.). These files are stored directly in the database and not linked with source files on your hard drive. Once the file is attached, it can be deleted or moved on the hard drive. Please use this function with care, because it leads to database file size growth. Currently, maximum file size in a local mode is 4 Gb. In network mode, teams which use BaccS database server get 250 Gb of space (which may be expanded according growing requirements). To attach a file, click on the Add from file... button (). After selecting a file, specify its type in the File type column by selecting necessary value from the underlying reference table (you may create additional file types on fly).

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