Default look of the Work fields list:

This list contains all specializations you working in. Work field is selected when you add a project or job. This list can be categorized to quickly finding necessary field. Examples of categories: General, Finance, Technical, Science, IT, Law. Each category contains fields themselves. For example, IT category can contain the following fields: Software localization, Software manuals, Websites etc.

To speed-up creation of work fields, you can use Import work fields from database button. To use this function, BaccS must be connected to It allows to download default specializations from the database.

When you select a work field somewhere in documents, you will be able to search by category or field name. See how it looks:

As you see, that I typed "Proof" and found all work fields from the "Proofreading" category. Quick and easy!

Of course, one of the main intents of work fields is stats. You can always get information about completed jobs in particular field.

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