Filtering is a quick way to display only necessary data and get summaries for this data. Each table in BaccS provide reach filtering capabilities, which may be accessed using different approaches. The fastest one is quick filters available via icon in each table column. Simply hover mouse pointer over column name and click on filtering icon:

Depending on the type of column, you will see different options to select from. In the example above, filtering menu opened for the Deadline column, which determines available options. In addition, filtering window consists of two tabs. If to switch to Values tab, you will see another set of options, where it is possible to filter a list by selecting years, quarters or months.

If to open filtering menu for another column (for example, Customer), then you will get another selectable values. Here you can simply select which customers to display in the list:

When data is filtered in the list, all summaries displayed at the bottom will be immediately updated according applied filter.

There is another, more complex way to edit filters - through special filter editor. To open it, click on any column with right mouse button and select Filter editor.

Here you can build complex filtering criteria using different logical operators and group of operators.

Currently applied filter is displayed below the table:

Here you can click X button to delete filter, use checkbox to temporary disable applied filter, use dropdown list to select from one of previously applied filters (history is saved automatically), or click Edit filter button to call the same Filter editor window.

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